Quote 15 Oct
Objections notwithstanding, I have added Canada and East Asia to “Europe.”
— David Cutler, The Quality Cure
Quote 1 Oct
The cool thing about giving up on [reading] Moby Dick is that it means you sort of got the point.
— Bundt Cake, SA Forums
Quote 25 Sep
Beta testing lasts for about two years after launch on a good MMO.
— GetWellGamers, SA forums
Quote 13 Sep
Ours is a culture of premature ejaculation.
— Jean Baudrillard, Seduction
Quote 11 Sep
Last night’s North Carolina Senate debate … was about the most hollow, lifeless viewing experience that’s ever aired on C-SPAN, and C-SPAN is a network that regularly airs footage of an empty House of Representatives chamber with elevator music playing in the background.
Quote 21 Aug 4 notes
Most major religions agree that dogs don’t go to heaven, although certain offshoot sects—and The Reader’s Digest, I believe—disagree.
— Stephen King, Under the Dome
Quote 6 Aug



For example, although unbelievable and irresponsible have identical stress patterns, and the first syllable of each is a separate morpheme, the preferred insertion points are different: un-fuckin’-believable, but irre-fuckin’-sponsible.

McCarthy explains this by saying they have different prosodic structures: un(be((lieva)ble)), but (irre)((sponsi)ble). The infix cannot fall between the syllables ir and re because they form a single prosodic foot.

— from Wikipedia, Expletive infixation
Quote 5 Aug
Of the many species that have existed on earth…more than ninety-nine per cent have disappeared. In the light of this, it is sometimes joked that all of life today amounts to little more than a rounding error.
— Elizabeth Kolbert, The Sixth Extinction
Quote 11 Jul
He mingled very little with the other students, though looking enviously at the “daring” or “Bohemian” set—whose superficially “smart” language and meaninglessly ironic pose he aped, and whose dubious conduct he wished he dated adopt.
— H. P. Lovecraft, “The Thing on the Doorstep”
Quote 2 Jul 1 note
They don’t mean to let me get to California now—they want to take me off alive, or what theoretically and mentally amounts to alive—not only to Yuggoth, but beyond that—away outside the galaxy and possibly beyond the last curved rim of space.
— H. P. Lovecraft, “The Whisper in the Darkness”
Quote 10 Jun

I saw the future, but what was it like?

Huge. Primal. Beyond control. New minds emerged in great pulses.

We always thought the future would be like America. Clean and empty and waiting to be shaped. But our past is Africa. And that’s how the future was.

— Stephen Baxter, Manifold: Time
Quote 1 Jun
America will not become like Europe, where ossified state churches proved unable to compete against the inherently secularizing forces of market capitalism—and where immigrants’ faith expressions are often met with hostility. America will remain exceptionally religious.
— Where Are the People?
by JIM HINCH, theamericanscholar.org
Quote 28 May 2 notes
Hail Mary full of grace, let us blow this goddam place.
— Stephen King, The Long Walk
Quote 7 May
I don’t like to perpetuate negative stereotypes but those particular fascists seem like real jerks.
— feigning interest, SA forums
Quote 6 May 2 notes
She wants to change the past, but the past is heavy—trying to do that, she discovers, is like trying to pick up a house by one corner so you can look under it for things that have been lost, or forgotten, or hidden.
— Stephen King, Gerald’s Game

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